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[Fanfiction] Cherub

CANON: Vampire Knight
PAIRING: Kaien and Yuuki (father/chibi!daughter age: 7-12)
PROMPT: FLUFF. Taking her out to do something new for the first time.

His amber gaze set over the area, searching like a hawk for anyone that might be willing to abduct the cute cherub he's accompanying into town. It's just a very small moment of seriousness in his expression, but then it evaporates into a smile as he looks down into his daughter's eyes, which were currently bearing into his soul. They were wide and crimson, and with her long, brown hair, he couldn't help but be reminded of chocolate and strawberries, which is what initiated their visit into town in the first place.

Kaien Kurosu paused in front of a small building, and smiled down at the girl beside him, quite literally clinging to his hand. She was still terrified of being outside, and he did anything but blame her. "Yuuki, here we are!" He looked so excited, and his cheeks were flushed from the chill in the air. His long hair was swept over his shoulder, as if battling the binding that kept it in its shape. "It's a chocolate cafe."

Both of them looked up towards the building, and the chilled air swept past them, sending the smell from inside straight into their noses. Kaien noted the way that Yuuki's expression lit up, and smiled ever brighter. (Yuuki was unaware that it was possible to do this.)

"Chairman!" The girl chirped, looking as though there were suddenly stars in her eyes. Her expression said it all. She was excited. She was beyond excited. The promise of sweets had momentarily made her forget that she was even outside. "Can we go inside?"

Said chairman was amused that she believed that he might deny her chocolate after standing there in front of it for more than thirty seconds. "Call me father, Yuuki-chan!" He whined, whilst leading her inside. She practically dragged him inside in her enthusiasm, and pressed her nose up against the glass that displayed their more attractive pieces of chocolate-based snacks.

Really, all Kaien saw was a pile of pure sugar, and more sugar. He was under the impression that his precious daughter would only become sick, and for a moment considered simply turning around and giving her a steaming pile of broccoli. However, he resisted. He was doing this for a reason, after all. He wanted her to be happy. And he knew that piles upon piles of pure sugar would make her smile, more than anything else he could think of.

Yuuki, at the age of seven, still wasn't the most talkative, but she had gotten much better. She was completely fluent and she was even starting to go on tangents, just like she was right now. She was pointing at all of the chocolate and was evidently in need of every single piece. She was chittering away delightedly, and Kaien was pleased to hear that he had even heard "daddy" in there somewhere. She was quite clever, after all. She knew how to get Kaien to do whatever she wanted. (Even though he would probably do whatever she wanted anyway.)

"Do you want a sundae?" He was looking at the menu that displayed itself over the counter. He was beaming down towards her, and she looked genuinely indecisive as she eyed the pieces behind the glass and considered his suggestion.

"Cake." It was almost deadpan, and she was staring intently at an elegant piece of sugar. "I want that..." She pointed at it insistently, and remembered to give him a beaming smile. She was certainly learning how to melt his heart, wasn't she?

Kaien sighed affectionately, then turned full force to the cashier, who had been waiting this entire time for them to speak to him. The chairman's smile was like the light from one hundred burning suns, or possibly one thousand. "Could I have a small chocolate cake for my darling daughter, please?" By the look the cashier gave him, he must have asked this in an extraordinarily sickening voice.

"Of course. Here's your number."

He took the paper into his hand, and gave him the amount of money that it asked for, then brought the squirming girl to a seat near the window. She sat down, still squirming, and almost drooling over a poster that depicted a particularly delectable pile of sugar.

The blonde sat down on the other side of Yuuki and simply watched her, momentarily breathless. The way her hair rested upon her small back, the way her eyes shone so was all just so very cute that he could hardly stand it. Every single day he wished that she wouldn't grow a day older, but at the same time he couldn't even imagine that she could ever be smaller than she is today. The way that she would learn new things and the fashion in which she would simply...develop absolutely fascinated Kaien.

He could always remember being mostly alone in his lifetime...even when Juri and Haruka Kuran entered his life, and when the uncure Tooga would follow him around, he couldn't...ever remember feeling quite like he's feeling right now. The pride that swelled in his chest and the affection and the devotion was almost enough for him to believe that his chest might explode from sheer fullness.

He had never realized that the life of such a small child could be so precious. Certainly, he had always been fond of children from afar, but could never remember watching one grow. He had never been around one child for so long before. Being a "daddy" was something he had never even considered. But now, he couldn't imagine his life without her inside of it. He couldn't imagine not being a "daddy", even though she was unlikely to call him that. It was the happiest Kaien Kurosu had ever been in his entire life.

"Here you go!" The waiter exclaimed, placing the small, round, elegant piece of sugar between them, pulling Kaien straight from his reverie. Yuuki almost squealed.

As the man walked off, Kaien cut the tiny cake in two, pushing the larger piece towards his daughter, and keeping the far smaller piece to himself. She dug in instantly as he simply eyed his piece suspiciously.

But then Yuuki looked up towards the chairman and smiled so brilliantly, Kaien wondered if the room they were in was dark. "Thank you, daddy!"

She was already eating before the words could reach his ears, and he smiled.

"Happy birthday, Yuuki-chan."

No, he could not be any happier.