anjunebug: ([Kaien] All the derp.)
★ Anju! ([personal profile] anjunebug) wrote2012-02-02 05:34 pm
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Aaaand go!

This is a mun-journal for the extra special mun Anju. She has been rather bored with dabbling around on her character journals, so she decided to make her own, to put all of her stuff in. Feel free to comment here and say things and stuff.

Everything you need to know is on my profile! Thank you very much.

Comment here if you want to view all of the locked stuff! ♥ I'll friend you and stuff.

Cause... My journal will probably have a lot of janky shit. I tend to ramble. And sometimes I don't put it on plurk. -sobs-

Uhm, possible triggers!

Depression, abuse, sexuality, sexual things in general, might also get a second-hand sugar high. You have been warned.

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